Biography Edit

Starcat is the royal companion of Princess Alissa of the Star Kingdom. She is a light lavender cat with a free-form, shape-shifting stardust tail. She wears a star hair clip on her right ear. She was appointed royal companion when Alissa was 12 years old. Starcat has no recollections of her past, but enjoys forming new memories while adventuring with Alissa.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Starcat's powers come from her stardust tail. Her tail can morph into any object or creature, grow or shrink in size, and pinch off into stardust clouds. Alissa's sword may absorb these clouds to boost her attacks. Despite being made out of purely stardust, it can also be opaque and used as a platform (it can also be intangible). She is considered a support-attack hybrid because her tail offers a flexibility of powers.

Fabricate Edit

Her tail morphs into something of use. It may partake animal forms, a hand, or even a sword to aid in combat.

Starfall Edit

Her tail takes the form of a nebula, which rains a cage of newborn stars. This creates an advantageous battle field but it can also be used as an enclosure. Whoever steps out of Starfall will take damage and be slowed.

Orb Edit

Starcat's tail becomes a semi-permeable bubble. People and objects can phase inside the bubble's protective barrier.

Transform! Edit

Alissa - Star Form

The companion-princess fusion skill. Starcat retreats into the star hair clip and reserves her power. Alissa wears the hair clip and cue magical girl transformation. She glows in a bright light and she is adorned in battle armor and a stronger sword. Starcat's and Alissa's souls are in sync and their combined powers are amplified depending on their bond. Alissa is now able to cast a modified version of Starcat's abilities.