Biography Edit

Kalina (pronounced ka-lee-na) is the 9th generation Ice Kingdom princess. She is of African descent with blue eyes and big curls. She wears loose, warm, comfortable clothing fit for the cold. Her companion is Emmy, an arctic fox.

She is a strong, confident, and compassionate princess. She is often seen as motherly and stable. She is skilled at ice and illusory magic, and has high stamina despite being a magic user. She has a secondary weapon, a long staffed hammer, which she uses as a tool to channel her magic with more force and precision.

Mortem Honorarium (Death Story) Edit

All princesses that have existed in this universe were once human on Earth. These young girls died at a young age from calamities or personal struggles. Before a girl dies, if she makes a wish on a star, her pleas may be heard and she may receive another chance at life. When the time is right, that wish is granted, and she is reborn into a celestial princess.

Kalina was an African-American living in Southern United States. She was alive during the Great Blizzard of 1899, a calamity that grazed the South, and died during that year. Her parents owned a ranch in South Dakota and she had 3 siblings. The blizzard had done a great deal to her home and isolated them from receiving help from the nearest town. Within those few days, an illness has fallen upon Kalina, and upon her deathbed, she wished for strength and protection from the winter, and the ability to protect others from succumbing to the cold. Her vows resonated with the spirit of the 8th generation Ice Princess, and Kalina was reborn as the next Ice Princess.