Biography Edit

Maryjane, called MJ for short, is the 9th generation Fire Kingdom Princess. She has close ties with the Star Kingdom, particularly with Princess Genevieve. When she was younger, a catastrophe happened at the edge of the Fire Kingdom. A remnant of Beos materialized and took form by taking the light of a fallen star. Beos remnants are rare occurrences, and it unfortunately happened too soon. Because she was young and wasn't strong enough to fend for her kingdom, the Star Kingdom princesses and their Noblesse helped aid in the fight. Maryjane lost her companion (Marie) and the Star Kingdom lost a Noblesse (Nokun) that day.

Maryjane, having lost Marie in her young reign, took a long time to recover from her loss. Distraught at her weakness and insecurities after losing her royal companion, she strived for ways to cope and hone her powers without one. Being a princess with no royal catalyst, Genevieve played a major role in her rehabilitation, helping her build her strength and confidence. MJ still wears Marie's fire-orb collar as a choker or a ribbon, so she can be reminded of what she has lost.