Biography Edit

Genevieve is the 9th generation Star Kingdom princess. She and her twin sister Alissa share the role, although Genevieve is the one that handles princess duties. Twin princesses are a sign of power and sustainability, so it brought the Star Kingdom a lot of recognition.

She is a diplomat and remains in the Star Kingdom most of the time to handle internal and external relations. Genevieve is considered the brains and Alissa is the brawn.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Genevieve is adept in homing and tracking skills. Her attacks also deal splash damage and explode on impact. Her weapon is the bow and arrow. She has star wisps that act as her homing agent.

Thousand Star Edit

This is her ultimate skill. Genevieve summons a thousand celestial arrows behind her, all glowing with tracking and explosion magic. It is an area of effect skill that obliterates multiple enemies and hordes. After casting the skill, she will be unable to use homing arrows for a while. Her wisps disappear into recovery mode.

Star Shot Edit

The arrow is enchanted with a high concentration of energy. Arrow explodes on impact.

Shooting Star Edit

A better version of Star Shot. This arrow pierces and can travel for a long distance before expiring.

Trivia Edit

  • Genevieve is named after one of Alissa & Starcat's longest, dedicated fans. She was there when the concept of Starcat was created!
  • Genevieve has very bad aim. This is probably due to her dependence on homing abilities.

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