Biography Edit

Aru is a survivor of the Interstellar Supernova, which eradicated the Space Kingdom. He was the royal companion of Princess Rachel, who went missing after the explosion (she is believed to be deceased). He wanders throughout the universe, acting as a father figure for the other princesses.

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

As the royal companion of the Space Kingdom, he has the ability to manipulate the area around him. He is adept in teleportation, deflecting attacks, and shooting concentrated dark spheres.

Compression Edit

Aru shrinks an object, reducing its volume and size. Paired with Vortex, he is able to send objects over large distances almost instantly.

Negative Space Edit

He is able to pull items out of thin air. Aru stores objects in a spacial room, which he can reach in to retrieve.

Blink Edit

Aru teleports a short distance. Can be used consecutively.

Rend/Twist Edit

Aru bends a small area. Used to deflect attacks or to disorientate.

Trivia Edit

  1. Aru was originally designed to be the antagonist, but that has changed when he was added into the story.
  2. Aru's design is based off of a jackal or Anubis from Egyptian mythology.
  3. Aru's name is a play-on-word for the howl of a dog: "Aroooo"

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