Biography Edit

Ame, short for Amethyst, is the guardian of the Star Kingdom. She is one of the many founders of the celestial kingdoms, and created the Star Kingdom. She is known for her intelligence and wisdom, often serving as a healer and teacher.

History Edit

In the beginning of time, Ame was the second guardian to come into existence. The 5 guardians came in this order: Space, Star, Fire, Earth, and Ice. She established the Star Kingdom and heralds the star princesses for over 8 stellar generations. She selects the lost souls of young girls on Earth to be the next princess(es).

She is close friends with ???, the Fire Kingdom guardian. She almost never interacts with the Ice Kingdom guardian, since he is allergic to stardust.

Powers Edit

All guardians are able to produce a force field that protects their kingdom. Some force fields are stronger than others. The Star Kingdom ranks #4 in force field strength.

Regeneration: Edit

Despite the low shield strength, the healing powers compensate for it. Ame can heal herself and allies in a very large radius.

Buffs: Edit

Ame can boost stats much like a support does. The only stat she doesn't boost is Intelligence. You'll have to earn that.