Biography Edit

Alissa is the 9th generation Star Kingdom princess. She and her twin sister Genevieve share the role, although Alissa is more of a knight in shining armor than a princess. She is a hero that travels the cosmos to fight evil creatures or take on quests. Because Genevieve takes care of the Star Kingdom while she's away, Alissa is able to have the leisure of roaming the galaxy. Her royal companion is Starcat, who accompanies her side and in battle.

Power/Abilities Edit

Alissa's weapon is a double-edged sword with a wide blade (similar to a claymore?). She requires two hands to wield it. Despite it's size, it's not as heavy as you think it is. She excels in slices, thrusts, and blocks.

Spectra Edit

Alissa's ultimate skill. Her sword becomes coated in a spectrum of light, extending the sword 5x it's original size. The sword no longer carries any weight. Alissa's attacks are faster and have a longer range. She can also charge up her sword and shoot out a concentrated energy wave. However, her attacks are much slower while she's charging.

Prism Edit

Her sword changes elements and properties according to the enemy's weakness. The color of the sword also changes accordingly. In order to change into an unknown element, Alissa's sword will have to absorb that element in order to recognize it. Some elements are not easily obtained and will need a princess's blessings to get. Elements include but not limited to: Fire, Ice, Earth, Starlight, Dark, and Water.

Lux Edit

After a successful parry, the sword emits a bright flash of light, temporarily blinding the enemy.

Spark Edit

Alissa has the ability to do 3 slashes of her sword that deals damage over time. Her sword is glows in highly-reactive stardust (imagine firecrackers), which cling and damages enemies.

Starfall (starcat's ability)